Friday, September 30, 2011

New York shops and restaurants

Not only are the people in New York amazing to look at, so are the shops and restaurants.  They offer fabulous products but are also artwork in and of themselves.  The level of detail in the decor is amazing.

One evening, my friend Elizabeth and I walked into All Saints (which has some great clothes - not cheap - but deconstructed and unique).  I was delighted by the wall of old sewing machines.  I also thought the sales girl looked great, so I took a picture of her in front of the sewing machines -

Then, we went into Madewell.  I really like their wall of old records -

After I took this picture, I got shut down.  Evidently, these super cool New York stores don't want anyone to copy their decor ideas.  I'm more of the mindset that Viktor had on Project Runway last night when someone informed him that he was being copied.  He said he didn't care, because he could do it better. 

So, I had to take the rest of my pictures from the outside.  I'm not sure what the point of the skeleton is, but the wall of photos at this Kiehl's store is cool -

And I love this chandelier on the rusted beams  -

Here is a shot I took from my lap in a restaurant that did not allow photos (Elizabeth made me do it) -

I won't reveal the name of the restaurant (because I don't remember it).

The names of this restaurant and tea house are clever -

Everything about the Standard Hotel is creative - from the plaid vests on the waiters - the hotel rooms up above -

I hope you don't have to walk up all of those stairs to get to your hotel room.

And here is how they dress the bell boys.  It is very "current" -

Chelsea Market is a corridor of food shops set in what was originally a biscuit bakery -  

They have maintained a lot of the original fixtures and architecture -

The Chelsea Market shops feature unique items like chocolate balsamic vinegar, flavored milks, and these cupcakes -

Then, of course, in New York you can always find stores with more selection than you've ever seen in your life.  Sunglasses -

...scarves -

...and hats -

There are fascinating little details everywhere -

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Black and white

A natural black and white photograph (taken from the High Line in New York City) -

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy clothes

These two photos just make me happy.  I love this woman's colorful and cool 70's vibe -

And this Indian inspired tunic is so bright and cheery -

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New denim vest

Here's a cute look that you can easily make out of an old shirt -

Just cut off the sleeves, and you have a new vest.  I have seen this a lot lately with denim shirts and jackets.  You can belt it to make it look a little more feminine.   I don't have any old denim, but I'm wondering if it would work equally as well with my husband's gray shirt (that he has given to me for my sewing pleasure) or my old leather jacket.  I'll let you know.

Inspiration from street style

This is one of the few people that I actually stopped for a photograph in New York.  She was walking toward us with a few friends, and I was immediately drawn to her "splatter paint" shorts.  I love this kind of art and like seeing it transfer to clothing in such a creative way.  Once I have some spare time, I'm going to either find some similar fabric or create my own.  I envision this as a knee length circle skirt for me.

I should have known from her sunglasses that she is French.  (Take note - this is the next shape of glasses to take over.)  She told me the name of the French company that makes these shorts.  I have since forgotten the name, but it sounded so lovely when she said it.

Monday, September 26, 2011

An Atlantan's perspective on New Yorkers

New Yorkers have a reputation of being rude.  However, other than my one female cab driver that almost killed several pedestrians on my way in from the airport, every one I talked to in New York was extremely nice.  We had a couple of waiters who spent an extra long time to explain menu items to us.  There was one in a Korean restaurant who brought me a fork when he noticed I couldn't use the chopsticks (and then he continued to tease me about it in a good natured way).

Now, being nice and being friendly are two different things.  People in Atlanta are pretty friendly.  They will nod and smile to you as you pass them on the sidewalk. They will probably talk to you if you stand near them long enough.  People in New York act as though they are traveling all by themselves.  They don't make eye contact.  They don't talk.  They act like they can't see you standing there.  People listen to their iPods -

They read books -

They read their phones -

They sleep -

I didn't take any of this as rudeness.  I guess if you pass by a thousand people on your way to work everyday, they become a part of the landscape. 

I had a glimpse of the hidden niceness of New Yorkers one day on the subway when the protective "walls" were broken down by a shared experience.  A man jumped off at a stop and then reached back in asking for his newspaper.  Another man graciously found it for him as the conductor was repeatedly warning "doors are closing".  As the first man was clutching his regained newspaper, the subway conductor closed the doors on him.   He stood there for nearly a minute stuck in the doors - one arm out and one arm in (still holding the newspaper).  A few people started shouting, "Let him out."  The conductor finally opened the doors a little to let him move an inch and then banged him again with the doors to make an extra point as the man was finally released.  After he was gone, those of us sitting right around the incident starting laughing and talking - "I can't believe that" - "That was so wrong."  Some of the strangers continued to talk to each other for the remainder of the ride.  I felt like I was back in Atlanta. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

The character of New York

New York is so good at preserving its past.  The old stands right along side the new.  It is what gives New York so much character.  This huge rusty door next to the brick with the paint wearing off is so beautiful to me -

And I love little surprises like the flowers on top of this doorway -

Even some of the subways have artistic elements.  I took this photo for the girl but later noticed the mosaics behind her -

From the High Line Elizabeth noticed this building with the green cornice around the roof -

A few steps later, we came across these ultra modern condos -

When we walked along the residential streets of the Upper West Side, I was struck by the fact that all of the doorways to the houses and apartment buildings are so unique and lovely- 


The level of craftmanship in all of the details is amazing.  After half a century of mass produced everything, I think many people are desiring to go back to this kind of artistic, one of a kind, hand made product.  I hope that movement succeeds.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Accessible Street Style - New York

For those of you who were not inspired by the more "creative" outfits I've shown from New York, here are three very accessible looks for Fall - 

I like this white hat with the black dress.  It's simple but very striking.

This denim pencil skirt worn with the wedges is a modern version of a classic silouette -

I feel like I've seen this next look a lot, but the buttons down the back add an extra detail -

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A backyard in Manhattan

My friend Elizabeth lives in a building in New York that was built around 1910.  I was fascinated by the crown moldings inside her apartment -

Nobody in Atlanta has crown moldings like that.  I also was fascinated by the world right outside her back window. 

Someone in New York is probably saying, "It's a fire escape.  What's the big deal?"  Living in the suburbs of Atlanta, I am fascinated by them.  I love how they look - and why don't we put them on buildings anymore?


I even thought the color gradation of the rust on this pipe was amazing -

I slept on Elizabeth's couch right next to the window and one morning heard two guys talking to each other from their respective apartment windows.  I wish I had caught it on camera.  Her backyard is so "Rear Window".

Missoni for Target Update

Yesterday, I posted that Missoni for Target is sold out.  Well, today when I went to Target (yes, I shop there every week), I was excited to see a few sweaters and blouses on the rack.  A sales lady said the items have been trickling in, so she didn't know if they were coming from returns or from the manufacturer. 

There was no sleeveless sweater dress, which is the one I really wanted.  But they did have this cool blouse -

I bought it, but I'm still trying to decide whether or not to keep it.  I love the zig zags, and black and white definitely fits into my wardrobe.  However, it's not really well designed - notice that the zig zags don't match up in the front.  The $500 Missoni shirts would never have that problem.   I'm not a perfectionist, so it doesn't bother me that much.  It does bother me that I paid for the "name" when the product seems to be the same quality as Target's regular lines which are much cheaper. 

They also had this blouse -

This pattern is a little much for me, so I returned that one to the rack. 

So, if you were sad (like me) that you missed this line, check your local Target store again.  (No, Target doesn't pay me.  I pay them.)