Thursday, September 15, 2011

The High Line

In the 1930's, after many accidents between street traffic and freight trains, New York officials authorized a project to build a train track 30 feet off the ground.  It was known as the High Line. 

Once the trucking industry took over freight distribution, the High Line was abandoned.  It was just recently turned into a public space including a walking path with gardens and seating as well as several meeting areas. 

Last Thursday, my friend Elizabeth and I took a nice walk along the High Line.  We saw some great street style -

Fashion Week extended its reach over to this cool area.  We saw several photo shoots going on -

Underneath the High Line

Then, we noticed people setting up for a fashion show.  From what I've read, it appears that it was Tommy Hilfiger's Men's collection showing in the High Line's Chelsea Market Passage.  We saw models having their makeup applied -

Men moving staging equipment -

Then, there were the people waiting to get into the fashion show -

It is very New York to revitalize an area rather than tear it down.  If you want to read more about the High Line, go here.

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