Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Details, details, details

This is an interesting pair.  Here is a photo as they arrived at the fashion show -

...and a photo as they departed -

There are so many different colors and textures and little details in their outfits.  The orange pants are paired with several different shades of brown topped off with a crocheted collar.  I like the outfit better in the first photo with the fur scarf, but the length of the pants is better in the second photo.  It looks like someone told her to unroll them a little.   The other girl has a zipper going all the way down her leg leading to her plaid Keds. 

The pants aren't very wearable for real life, but I think she was successful in pairing a dressy top half with Keds, which totally intrigues me. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Photographers of New York Fashion Week

The photographers at New York Fashion Week seem to have a lot of fun.  They are generally pretty friendly and helpful and don't come across as competitive at all.  It's interesting to watch their different approaches and to see that they are not all taking pictures of the same subjects.  They are also some of the most stylishly and creatively dressed people around Lincoln Center -  

Miyelle of me/Elle/you


Dapper Lou

The well dressed photographers attract a lot of attention, but there are a few of these guys hanging around -

They are a lot more selective about their photographs and don't make a lot of fuss.  While the aforementioned photographers are spending all of their money on clothes, these professionals are spending money on cameras (which means they are actually making money with them).  Next time, I'm going to get the scoop from these guys.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Green - Part 4

Here is a big, green cape coat.  She was obviously cold, because I don't think you are supposed to walk around with your arms inside the cape.  I think it is cute how her friend paired a very feminine hat and coat with more casual work boots.

Green - Part 3

I had to throw in the green hair just for fun.

Green - Part 2

Not as wearable as the previous "green" outfit but very interesting.  The jacket is such a statement piece that unless you are going to New York Fashion Week, you don't need the hat, blue pants, and extreme motorcycle boots.

I do really like this pattern, though -

Green - Part 1

This outfit is very simple but makes a bold statement -

She just added a green jacket and gold choker to her jeans and white top.  I saw green on several people in New York.  It's an unexpected winter color.  I like the design of the black bag, too.  The shape is retro, but the wide straps are very modern.

The 2 days of winter

It was funny for a while that we skipped winter, but now I'm getting a little scared about the hot summers we have here in Atlanta.  It hasn't been cold enough for me to appreciate the heat.  I feel like my winter lasted for the 2 days I was in New York.  This is me on the 2nd day I was in New York -

I look so cozy and warm, but I was actually freezing.  And I kind of miss that feeling.

More photos later...

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Candid photos

I like candid photographs much more than posed shots.  I love capturing real life.  Most people at New York Fashion Week are ready and willing to have their picture taken at any moment, but there are still moments into which you might intrude.  

I really like her boots.  They are a great example of that elusive combination of cute and comfortable.  I was trying to take her picture without disturbing her, but then I was spotted -

 So, I went over to talk to her.  It ended up being a good thing, because I learned that her boots are Timberland, which is totally affordable.  She was very nice, and confirmed that they are comfortable.  After she was comfortable with me, I got the best shot of her -

Stripes from New York Fashion Week

Here are some fun stripes for your Saturday -

Friday, February 24, 2012

Great prints - Part 3

These are the cute legs of Carrie Hammer wearing American Apparel tights.  I have to plug her business, because it is similar to what I would love to do someday.  She sells made-to-measure dresses on-line.  You pick out the style of dress and fabric, send her your measurements, and she makes a dress that fits you perfectly.  I think women need more options like this. 

Great prints - Part 2

I don't usually like floral pants on men, but combined with the driving gloves and tan blazer, it really works -

Great prints - Part 1

I really like this coat.  It is interesting without being overwhelming.

Interesting hats

Here are two more interesting hats.  Would you wear these?

Knit hat

This girl looks so cute in her fur vest, red jeans and knit hat.  I saw a lot of girls wearing this style of hat.  Do you like it better on or off?  I think you probably need a beautiful face (like this girl) to pull off this style of hat.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Where is winter?

By the way, it's 78 degrees here in Atlanta.  As I sit here at my computer, the breeze coming through the window feels and smells beautiful.

Fashion Reality TV

At NYFW, I saw a few people from the world of fashion reality TV.  Let's start with the ones who were kind enough to stop for photographs.  First, I saw Robert Verdi (stylist) walking by and asked if I could take his photo.  As soon as he stopped for me, he was swarmed by photographers.  He jokingly said that he was going to charge $3 a photo.  He knows how to work a crowd.

I noticed his cool shoes when he started to walk away -

He was with Jay from America's Next Top Model, who also kindly posed for photographs that day (but not the next when he was with Nigel Barker) -

Kelly Cutrone, fashion publicist and owner of People's Revolution, stopped when I asked her.  However, she was consistent with her tough personality and did not smile -

The next day, I saw Nigel Barker, photographer from America's Next Top Model.  He was racing through the courtyard and did not stop for photographs even though people were shouting his name.  I could only get a couple of pictures as he was hailing a cab with Jay -

I saw many of the Project Runway Allstars in September but none this time.  I did run across a few contestants from previous seasons.  I already told you about meeting Jay McCarroll, which was a highlight of my trip.  I also saw Jack Mackenroth -

and Diana Eng -

I also saw Zana Roberts Rossi, Editor for Marie Claire and former Project Runway judge.  I am fascinated by her shoes that look like ski boots -

Here is Joanna Coles, Editor of Marie Claire and mentor to the Project Runway Allstars -

And my last photo is of a woman who was the host of a fashion television show that aired when I was much younger.  I heard her voice and was immediately pulled back into my teenage world of fashion in which I was the only person I knew that cared to watch fashion shows on television.  I would watch "Style with Elsa Klensch" and then this woman's show.  I don't remember her name, but her voice I could never forget.