Friday, September 30, 2011

New York shops and restaurants

Not only are the people in New York amazing to look at, so are the shops and restaurants.  They offer fabulous products but are also artwork in and of themselves.  The level of detail in the decor is amazing.

One evening, my friend Elizabeth and I walked into All Saints (which has some great clothes - not cheap - but deconstructed and unique).  I was delighted by the wall of old sewing machines.  I also thought the sales girl looked great, so I took a picture of her in front of the sewing machines -

Then, we went into Madewell.  I really like their wall of old records -

After I took this picture, I got shut down.  Evidently, these super cool New York stores don't want anyone to copy their decor ideas.  I'm more of the mindset that Viktor had on Project Runway last night when someone informed him that he was being copied.  He said he didn't care, because he could do it better. 

So, I had to take the rest of my pictures from the outside.  I'm not sure what the point of the skeleton is, but the wall of photos at this Kiehl's store is cool -

And I love this chandelier on the rusted beams  -

Here is a shot I took from my lap in a restaurant that did not allow photos (Elizabeth made me do it) -

I won't reveal the name of the restaurant (because I don't remember it).

The names of this restaurant and tea house are clever -

Everything about the Standard Hotel is creative - from the plaid vests on the waiters - the hotel rooms up above -

I hope you don't have to walk up all of those stairs to get to your hotel room.

And here is how they dress the bell boys.  It is very "current" -

Chelsea Market is a corridor of food shops set in what was originally a biscuit bakery -  

They have maintained a lot of the original fixtures and architecture -

The Chelsea Market shops feature unique items like chocolate balsamic vinegar, flavored milks, and these cupcakes -

Then, of course, in New York you can always find stores with more selection than you've ever seen in your life.  Sunglasses -

...scarves -

...and hats -

There are fascinating little details everywhere -

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