Friday, September 23, 2011

The character of New York

New York is so good at preserving its past.  The old stands right along side the new.  It is what gives New York so much character.  This huge rusty door next to the brick with the paint wearing off is so beautiful to me -

And I love little surprises like the flowers on top of this doorway -

Even some of the subways have artistic elements.  I took this photo for the girl but later noticed the mosaics behind her -

From the High Line Elizabeth noticed this building with the green cornice around the roof -

A few steps later, we came across these ultra modern condos -

When we walked along the residential streets of the Upper West Side, I was struck by the fact that all of the doorways to the houses and apartment buildings are so unique and lovely- 


The level of craftmanship in all of the details is amazing.  After half a century of mass produced everything, I think many people are desiring to go back to this kind of artistic, one of a kind, hand made product.  I hope that movement succeeds.

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