Sunday, July 3, 2011

Desiring God *

I desire a lot.  Every day, I desire more energy, more time to finish my painting, my kids to stop asking me questions every 5 minutes, a little fairy to come clean my house, to find an interesting photo to capture, to feel successful and significant in my endeavors.  But how often do I desire God?  Not how often do I desire God to do something for me.  How often do I desire God?

Sometimes I don't want to think about God, because he might impose upon my desires and get in the way of my self-fulfillment.  But then I think about the end of what I want.  What if I get everything I desire?  My kids become sweet and loving teenagers and start giving me to time myself.  I complete all of my projects.  I become a successful photographer.  Then what?  My thoughts turn to wildly successful people who end up crazy, depressed and suicidal.

What makes God happy?  Sometimes I think God will be happy if I just follow the rules and stop doing certain bad things.  But what if it makes God happy to spend time with me?  Not because he needs me, but because he enjoys me...and wants me to enjoy him.  What if he wants me to sit with him, soak him up, and then open my eyes and heart to things I could never imagine...

*Yes, I borrowed this title from John Piper.  You can read his fabulous take on desiring God in one of his many books or at

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Anonymous said...

Our pastor opened his message yesterday with a video clip from John Piper's sermon (and book) entitled, "Don't waste your Life'. A very powerful and convicting message.