Monday, July 11, 2011

Food truck fashion


So, here is the food truck scene that I've mentioned in previous posts. 

Every Thursday they line up on the corner of 15th and Peachtree, and the people come. 

Honestly, I am impressed that this well dressed crowd eats lunch standing in the sunniest spot in Midtown of one of the most humid cities in the country and then goes back to work drenched in sweat.   Personally, I went home and took a shower.  But I am appreciative of the people who can maintain their style in the midst of this heat. 

I like this lady's casual approach to summer with all of the ruffles -

The lady in the next picture is wearing a great combination of bright colors - 

I especially like the touches of red in the glasses, the belt and the shoes.

I found these stylish ladies waiting in one line -

The skirt with the dreamy water scene is from Anthropologie -

...and the aqua blue shoes are Guess -

These girls stood out from the crowd in their black ensembles -

I love the cool green pendant and the tights.

By the time I was hungry enough to sample the food, the lines were too long.  So, here is my plan.  Next time, I am going to buy my food at 11:30 when they first open.  Then, I'm going to take my food across the street to the nice shady spot where the little band plays -

I'll see you there...

FYI - There are also food trucks at 10th Street during lunch time.  On Thursday evenings, they reappear in the parking lot of the Buckhead Theatre.

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LV said...

Wow food trucks have come a long way! Everyone looks so stylish! Great photos.