Sunday, July 24, 2011

I've missed you!

I've been so busy that I haven't had time to show you what I've been doing.  I just got home from Birmingham, Alabama.  ("Market Days" was on Saturday.  Evidently, it works just like the food trucks in that it brings all of the well dressed ladies of the city to one spot.  And speaking of food trucks, I also visited those in Atlantic Station on Friday.  More on that later this week.) 

As an appropriate end to my weekend in Alabama with my best friend Lori from my days at Auburn University, I followed Charles Barkley all the way back to Atlanta. 

That is his Escalade right in front of me.   I had the chance to take his photograph at a gas station but decided to not be a paparazzi on his casual Sunday afternoon.  But it was fun to watch the little old ladies come up to talk to him while various men called out greetings across the parking lot -"Yo, Charles!"

Tomorrow afternoon I will start showing you the cute outfits I have found in the last few days, but in the morning (and every other morning this week) I am working at Vacation Bible School at our church.  It's a pretty big commitment for me, and I think they are trying to make it harder on me to come back next year by telling me I have to wear this shirt-

How am I supposed to be happy while wearing this shirt ALL WEEK?  So, I've already doctored it up a little -

We'll see if I get in trouble for that.  And I promise I won't show you this shirt ever again (unless I come up with some really transformational ideas for it.)  Better clothes on the post tomorrow...


Katie said...

awesome! Everyone (including me) is going to be jealous of your altered shirt!

Alicia K said...

You just need to be in charge of the VBS attire next year. Everyone would be styling. :) I found a great tutorial on Pinterest for cutting up a tshirt and making it into a funky scarf necklace. I will send you the link.

Meredith M Howard said...

Alicia - Send me the link, because I would love to make a necklace out of this shirt at the end of the week.

Miss Lori Akin said...

I am so glad I got to hang out with you! xo