Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cool couple

This couple, who sat near us in a Milanese cafe, exuded coolness. 

At the time, I didn't notice all of their fashionable little details.

His gold rimmed sunglasses sitting on the table.  The sleeves of his black shirt rolled up above the elbows to highlight the large silver watch on one arm and a bracelet on the other.

I love the lace skirt paired with the striped shirt.  You have to have attitude to pull that off.  Her nails are trendy blue, but her bag looks luxurious and timeless.


Cameron Adams said...

Good meeting you at the food trucks!

Smith, Party of 5 said...

the little blue button on her shirt sleeve matches her nails! I love your photos!

Smith, Party of 5 said...

Hey I just saw you featured on Atlanta Street Fashion blog! You look stunning!!!

Kenny said...

Hi, I found you thru Cameron. Love your approach to fashion photos. This couple are interesting for what they wear but also...are they a couple? or is this an interview? The photos ask questions. I also noticed the smart couple sitting just inside the cafe, watching people go by most probably. Great work!!

* said...

we can only guess who they are.. To me, he definitely looks like a thug, he might be east European since he seems to be an alcoholic (reddish skin), he is handling "business" on the phone, but his face gives indications of dishonesty, he might even be her pimp. Also his clothes are not only boring, they give signs of sleeziness. Her clothes, bag and nails are all un-matched, althogether very un-Italian and un-traditional (Italian are VERY traditional, some call it boring). Italians like colours but not in the "cheap" way of painting your nails bright blue and keeping rest of the outfit "non-colored". The skirt/blouse combination is bold but not very harmonius. As usual, most people will feel I'm being overly harsch... sorry to anyone offended, but I like to be honest :) They are a funny looking couple however and it was fun to see the photo in high resolution and see so many details... I sometimes do the same with my own photos and after-analyze what I saw at the actual moment.. Grazie :)