Thursday, July 28, 2011

Food truck scene - Atlantic Station

I have shown you the food trucks (and related fashion) in Midtown here and here.  Last Friday, I visited the food trucks in Atlantic Station.  For those of you in Atlanta, I highly recommend this location.  There is FREE parking, an area with tables, air conditioned shopping nearby, and slightly more casual fashion -

This time around, I chose a small hamburger from Slider U - 

This food truck was started at Penn State and is run by recent college graduates -

The hamburger tasted like it had been fried...and was delicious -

My daughters and I sat at a table near this lady who looked so cool in her splatter paint t- shirt -

She obtained it from the boutique she is opening soon in Atlanta.  If I can find out more information about it, I will pass it along.

Right across the street from our table, I saw this lady in a cute BCBG dress -

She was working at the station for The Grape, which is a wine bar and bistro.  They have a brick and mortar location in Atlantic Station (as well as Phipps Plaza and Vinings Jubilee).

Then, my kids spotted the snow cone man -

The syrup turned their mouths some lovely colors -

This guy with the cool hat was talking to the snow cone man when we walked up -

He recommended the spoken word open mic at the Urban Grind on Thursdays.  It sounds like a unique place.  I may have to check that out.

Then, I noticed the girl in the cute plaid shirt walking by -

So, I caught up with her -

I like the outfit even better from the front as the ruffle is set off by the high waist on the denim jumper.  The white sunglasses are a perfect offbeat touch.  Jacqueline and her friend Marji run a vintage shop on Etsy called Pony Up!

The next food truck location on my list is the Buckhead Theatre.  Maybe I'll see you there next Thursday night...


Alicia K said...

We are planning on hitting Atlantic Station tomorrow for lunch with the kiddos ... thanks so much for the recommendation! I see E was wearing her new necklace she made in that shot of her ... adorable!

Greg Fitz said...

I work on the market/event planning team for Atlantic Station and just wanted to say that we all absolutely love this post! We're really proud of the Food Truck Friday event, and you did an outstanding job of capturing the fun, casual, unique feel we have tried to bring to it. Thanks so much for coming out and for taking the time to write about it!

Blatant plugs: You might also like our 1/2 Street Artists' Market (2nd weekend of every month), Friday Night Live concert series (with local vendors and sponsors), and our Improv in the Park on Wednesday nights!

Again-- thanks for spending your Friday afternoon with us, and come back anytime! Feel free to share any future posts/pics with us on Twitter @AtlanticStation or

Meredith M Howard said...

Greg - Thanks for the compliment. I love hanging out at Atlantic Station. Hopefully, I will be able to attend those other events soon!