Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Flowers in Midtown

I noticed a lot of flowers in Midtown last week.  First, this crisp black and white flowered skirt -

Then, I love the colorful flower printed on this black dress and perfectly accessorized with the long pendant necklace and tan sandals -

These young girls heading to the museum look fresh and stylish in their flowered tops -

Finally, I saw this young lady relaxing outside of the museum -

I like the flower headband paired with the classic gray dress.  It all feels a little retro with a pop of modern in the flowered purse -  

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kalyn said...

hey! thanks for the sweet comment. You should definitely go on a tour if you are visiting soon, but most of the places you can find through a quick online search. I definitely recommend going to see where Carrie lives though. That street is gorgeous :)