Thursday, July 14, 2011

Food truck food

So, I finally tasted the food truck food. Today, I went to Midtown with my four year old daughter.  I could only carry one food item for each of us while making sure she didn't run into the street, so I walked up to the most unique looking vendor-

Love the huge glasses, flowers in the hair and bicycle tattoo.

...and ordered the most unique item on the menu -

It's a Poodle - a hot dog with apple slaw, spicy mustard and maple syrup on a French toast bun.  Very tasty.

My daughter had a hot dog - plain.

Here she is eyeing my strange hot dog while I am taking a picture of it.

I took a few other photos before my daughter wanted to move on.  I really like this lady's floral top- 

It is kind of like an abstract painting -

I saw this lady from a distance and was drawn in by the happy stripes and the little skirt over jeans -

She has cute yellow toe nails, too.

I'm going to end this with some good news/bad news.  Bad news first - the happy little band across the street has been replaced by a guy with too much angst.  I thought I would get a good dancing shot out of the band, but the angsty guy produced this -

So, now the good news.  I hear that there are food trucks in Atlantic Station on Fridays.  You know that is one of my favorite places to hang out - and they have free parking.  I'll be heading that way soon...


Ninjagaiden78 said...

I love food trucks and these pics are good.

Anonymous said...

there's actually no maple syrup on that.

Meredith Howard said...

She told me to put maple syrup and mustard on it, so I did.