Monday, July 25, 2011

Market Day

I went to Birmingham last weekend to visit my friend Lori, who was wearing these cute wedges -

Lucky Brand

She lives in Mountain Brook, and fortunately for me as a blogger, Saturday was "Market Day".  So, all of the stores in this quaint historic area put some stuff on sale and moved it to the sidewalk to create a shopping "event". 

It brought out many stylish women.  My favorite of the day was this young lady in a beautiful Anthropologie dress -


I love the purple and aqua and green in her dress.  Then, I walked by Victoria who was visiting from Australia.  I had been wondering how you wear a black hat in the summer, and she answered my question with her colorful purple and green printed dress paired with an elegant scarf -

Tere caught my eye in her vibrant yellow skirt from Zara -

Then, I went into a clothing store with a beautiful tin ceiling and aged brick walls and found this sales girl looking very pulled together and summery in her ruffled BCBG top -

Most of the merchandise at Market Day was fairly pricey.  However, I did find these pink and gold earrings in Stella Blu for $10 -

Overall, it was a very fun window shopping and outfit watching day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Meredith! Sorry to find out you were in Bham! I would have loved to see you. That is where I live now. I've enjoyed reading your blog... It reminds me of when we were in grade school and you decided you wanted everything in your wardrobe to be green so you could easily mix and match. Do you remember that ? :)


Meredith M Howard said...

Brooke - That is hilarious! I don't remember wanting everything in my wardrobe to be green to mix and match, but that sounds like something I would have said at that age. Hopefully, we can catch up at some other time.