Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fashion Week is coming

Next week, I'm going back to New York for the beginning of Fashion Week.  For me, it is the ultimate way of appreciating fashion without feeling the need to acquire it (as I spoke about in my previous post).  The creative expressions of the attendees spur me to think more creatively.  To get you ready, here are a few photos from September that I have never shown you -

Blogger Susie Bubble

Susie Bubble (above) writes a very detailed blog on fashion.  She always finds and wears items that are on the cutting edge of clothing design.

I don't particularly like this next outfit all together, but the individual pieces (the fan, the feathers, the studded belt, the sparkly skirt) are each interesting on their own -

Once again, I don't think I would wear all of these pieces together, but I really like the bright stripe on the pants and the criss-cross straps on the shoes -

I'm getting excited.

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