Thursday, February 2, 2012

Can shoes bring me happiness?

I originally posted this photo in December.  Ever since then, my desire for these boots has steadily increased.  I thought they might be the answer to my search for the perfect cute and comfortable shoe.  When I read that every editor at Lucky Magazine was wearing a version of this shoe, I was confirmed in my choice.  However, I had a gut feeling that I was beginning to live under the illusion that my next purchase was going to make me happy.

I don't think I have ever prayed specifically about purchasing shoes before, but I felt like I should ask God if I should buy them.  After a couple of days, he said, "No. Give the money to _______" and gave me a specific name.  Someone else needed the money, and I needed to be set free.  So, I wrote a check for $127.95 and sent it on its way.  And that made me happy.


Katie said...

They are cute shoes.

Meredith Howard said...

They would look cute on you, Katie.

Jennifer Snyder said...

Nice obedience. You did the right thing. You will probably find them at a consignment store for 1/2 price : )