Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Show

I love the over-the-top nature of New York Fashion Week.  It's such a fun show.  There is a continual stream of eye-popping outfits.  Here are some of the more entertaining outfits that I saw this past weekend -

David Yi of The Seoulcialife

Bill Cunningham stated in his film that this man is a political ambassador from a foreign country.  I wonder if his political views are as interesting as his outfits.

Perez Hilton is on the right.  I don't know who the guy on the left is.

I actually like this necklace - although I don't think he should hug anyone.

This line of models stepped out of a pink limosine and proceeded to walk in a line around the courtyard of Lincoln Center.  Outdoor fashion show in 30 degree weather!

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