Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Photographers of New York Fashion Week

The photographers at New York Fashion Week seem to have a lot of fun.  They are generally pretty friendly and helpful and don't come across as competitive at all.  It's interesting to watch their different approaches and to see that they are not all taking pictures of the same subjects.  They are also some of the most stylishly and creatively dressed people around Lincoln Center -  

Miyelle of me/Elle/you


Dapper Lou

The well dressed photographers attract a lot of attention, but there are a few of these guys hanging around -

They are a lot more selective about their photographs and don't make a lot of fuss.  While the aforementioned photographers are spending all of their money on clothes, these professionals are spending money on cameras (which means they are actually making money with them).  Next time, I'm going to get the scoop from these guys.

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