Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thank you for helping me rest

Last Sunday, I wrote about "trying to rest".  I knew that telling you would help me actually do it!  It was EXTREMELY hard not to work on any of my current projects - a very large painting, 3 roman shades for my living room, my blog, the pile of laundry. (Although, I did take the Jewish approach to the Sabbath in considering it over at sundown so my husband could have some clean clothes to wear to work on Monday.)

Putting all of MY projects aside for the day gave me time to take a long walk with my children (so long that my husband came looking for us), talk to several neighbors, read 1/3 of a book, and take pictures while my family planted a garden (and when I say "family", I mean my husband and daughter).  Doing all of this brought me out of the sharp focus I have on my "to do" list and gave me a more balanced approach to my tasks for the week.

Here are my husband and older daughter planting the garden together -

Here is my younger daughter while they are planting -

It was fun to enjoy my girls at a slower pace than we normally have -

Hopefully, resting each Sunday will help me to see the big picture of life.

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