Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Everything circles back around

It is interesting how many fashion trends are circling back around - color blocking, capes, red jeans, brooches.  I wore all of those things in high school (along with whatever else I found in Harper's Bazaar). 

In the recent issue of InStyle magazine, I saw the following feature -

Here are my sculptural  earrings from high school -

...and my sculptural necklace -

Then I saw this feature -

Here is my favorite ring from high school -

I remember the day I had my photo taken wearing the "sculptural necklace".  I got a couple of comments like "that's an interesting necklace" - meaning "strange".  I don't think anything I wore in high school was "in style" among my peers.   I think I was trying to be different.  The other day, my oldest daughter said, "I want to be unique.  I don't want to be like everyone else."  So, is that something I've taught her or is it genetic?


Sam said...

Well, it's no secret that everything does come around with fashion :)

But i was thinking this exact same thing last night as I was watching Sixteen Candles. Everything they're wearing is what a lot of people (and hipsters) are wearing right now!

Meredith Howard said...

It would be fun to watch all of those John Hughes movies now to see how we look like them.