Saturday, April 23, 2011

Obsession continues

Even though I've made my print top, I'm still a little obsessed.  As kids, we were not afraid of color, print and pattern -

Can we not find a way to carry the fun into our adult wardrobe?  So, I searched some more.  I think I'm starting to run across some actual options for us -

The Limited

The Limited
The top part of this dress is adorable -


This one is a little more expensive but may be worth the splurge -

More Tiffany Saidnia...
Tiffany Saidnia at ShopStyle

For something more casual -

More Topshop...
Topshop at ShopStyle

For something a little more retro -

Top Shop

For something a little more pretty -

Top Shop

If you see any others that I might like, let me know!

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