Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shopping trip

I am going to take a break from talking about high school to show you the results of my successful shopping trip.  I went back to Zara and hit the jackpot on print and color -

I'm trying not to buy any more striped items.  However, I do not own any multi-colored striped pieces... so I bought it.

I loved this blue top, but the arm holes were so big that you could see a lot of my bra.  So, I had to pass.

The butterflies are very cute and fun, but the back on this one was so thin that you could see my bra (once again).

I just wasn't into this one.

I loved the color on this one, but it was a little too big. 

I bought this one. 

I also bought this skirt - even though it is striped and the waist is a little big.  I just really liked the colors and the shape.  I'll have to try it on again at home to see if it's a keeper.

Lest you think this post is a Zara catalogue, I must include what I found at Urban Outfitters -

I know, I know - more stripes!  I just can't stop!

This sweater makes me happy.  And it was on the clearance rack.

Don't worry about my bank account.  I return most of the clothes I buy.  My husband knows to keep all receipts.


potpie du monde said...

Great tops! Love the first one especially- i cant get enough of stripe tops!

Katie said...

I liked the first striped one too.
I also return a lot. I'm worried one day my credit card is going to put the kibash on me returning so often.