Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mustard yellow

The other day, I ran across this woman in Target -

She was wearing one of the "it" colors for Spring (mustard yellow) in a combination that I think is hot right now (gray and yellow).  The jacket even brings in a little of the military trend with the pockets and gold buttons -

She said she bought this jacket a few years ago and was not aware that it was particularly "in style" right now.  I think fashion trends are moving so quickly that you can just buy what you like and in a few years it will be "in". 

I certainly don't think we should be slaves to "trends" that other people decide for us.  However, we can be inspired by them to try new looks and colors.  I was encouraged by this "mustard" trend to purchase the shoes seen in my previous post here.

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Unknown said...

this jacket is really amazing!