Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thinking about yesterday and tomorrow

Yesterday when I went shopping, I wore this color-blocked outfit that reminded me of a couple of color blocked dresses I wore in high school -

No, I'm not going to show you pictures of my color blocked dresses, because they were way too big on me and looked like sacks.  But I did realize that I was wearing a similar silver necklace to one that I wore in high school. 

I think this was the best I could do at straightening my hair back then.

Tomorrow is not only my high school reunion, but also my birthday!  Guess how old I will be... On second thought, keep that guess to yourself.  Anyway, my birthday wish is to continue finding interesting people and outfits to photograph (and to be a sweeter mom).  So, here is what I saw yesterday -

These are such fun shoes. 

Then, I saw this girl in a cute polka dotted top from Forever 21 -

(Note to self - Buy white pants before all of the stores sell out again this year.)

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