Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ocean blue

I don't know this woman's nationality, but her foreign accent and ombre dress made me dream of the Greek isles.  I love the matching eye shadow.

She was wearing clog sandals, which I first saw on European blogs about a year ago and did not like.  Now, I see them everywhere in Atlanta.

I think they are growing on me.  What do you think about them?


Katie said...

I had some clogs like this when I was a little girl. My mom had some just like mine (early 80's I think). My mom probably got hers sometime in the 70s. She wore them all the time. and then so did I.

eastcobbpediatrictherapy said...

I really love these clogs! I wish I could wear them, but I have to have some cushion. I have tried a variety of clogs over the last few years and all of them are so hard. But so cute!