Monday, April 4, 2011

Street Style - Perimeter Mall, Atlanta

On Saturday while the rest of my family was picking out tomato plants, I took a quick trip to the Mall.  (I would much rather take pictures than garden.) 

First, I ran into this girl at Starbucks.  The edgy shoes really modernized the lacy dress -

Then, I walked outside and found this lady who has a natural model inside of her -

I love it when people wear beautiful colors like this green.  I liked how she combined the green dress with the gold purse and the neutral Aldo boots.

In the parking lot outside of Nordstrom, I spotted Theresa wearing this beautiful Michael Kors top -

Theresa is one of the owners of T & ME, which sells cute reversible headbands for adults and children.  Check out her website at

As I was leaving the Mall, I saw this girl from Indonesia who was wearing an outfit with so many great details -

I particularly liked her belt, which she bought in Indonesia -

Fortunately, I didn't buy anything on this trip to the Mall.  I would much rather come home with pictures of beautiful ladies in great outfits.


Katie said...

I'm laughing at your last comment.

Meredith M Howard said...

I was being serious. I have a guilt complex about spending money, so I always feel better when don't.

maryanne helms said...

Me too! Sometimes, I run out and simply walk around and have the FEEL of retail, without any guilt. Or clutter.