Thursday, August 18, 2011

The search continues

Guess where I am going on September 8... 

                New York City!  

                                        During FASHION WEEK! 

I didn't even plan for it to be during Fashion Week.  It just happened to be the ONLY weekend that worked out for me to go visit my friend Elizabeth.  No, I don't have tickets to any of the actual fashion shows.  But I will definitely be stalking around the city looking for fashionistas.

So, here is my issue.  I still don't have any cute shoes that are comfortable (and by comfortable I mean "walk for miles" comfortable).  For comfort, most Atlantans seem to prefer flip flops -

But I can't walk for miles in flip flops.  And ballet flats bother my heels and toes.  Converse shoes have been extremely popular internationally -



 They are starting to trickle into Atlanta -

I may join this band wagon one day, but I am just not feeling very sporty lately.  I was inspired by this girl to try some flat strappy sandals -

Here are the sandals from Nine West that I just bought (on sale) -

So far they pass the test for my "mom" life, but they haven't yet walked for miles in my "street style blogger" life. 

I visited Aerosoles, because sometimes they have some comfortable shoes that are pretty cute.  Once again, I ended up going more for the cute than the comfortable -

I haven't worn them out of the house yet, but they have way too many cutouts and angles to not create blisters somewhere.  I decided that something I can wear with socks is the best way to go.  So, I ordered these wedge boots from asos (free shipping both ways) -

I also tried on these boots at Aldo (and they are soooo comfortable), but I heard that they have gray suede in NYC.  Can anyone confirm that for me?

More Aldo...
Aldo at ShopStyle

I can hear some of you saying, "Just buy some Clarks and be done with it."  I know, I can be stubborn.

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Ella said...

Well, whatever you buy for those tired tootsies, add to a virtual closet ( and see all the outfits you already own that your new shoes will complete.