Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Colorful Men of Midtown

I have been focusing on the ladies lately, but I do have a few pictures of the men of Midtown.  This man looks nice in his purple and tan ensemble -

I saw him again later, and he seemed to be just out for a stroll. 

I like the fact that he got all dressed up to go for a walk. 

This guy is a more casual but even more colorful -

I have been noticing hats everywhere lately, but this is the first orange hat that I've seen.  The colors in the shoes are great, too.

And finally, this one is my favorite.  The colors in this plaid shirt make me feel like a kid with a box of crayons -

Then, I noticed that he was wearing gray converse shoes.  Such a fun outfit.

This shirt inspired me to buy an colorful plaid scarf at Target this week.  I am going to break it out as soon as the temp drops below 90 in Atlanta.  I saw the first leaves fall off our trees this week.  Does that mean Fall is coming - or that our trees are dying from the heat?  Please let it be Fall.

Correction: Ok, maybe the shirt is "checked" not "plaid".  Anyone care to define? 

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