Saturday, August 6, 2011

More style in Midtown Atlanta

Let's start with stripes again today.  I really like how these ladies are wearing their striped dresses with vests cinched by belts.  It makes me want to buy a little summer vest.

And the red flower in her hair on the right is a bright little touch.

This next girl stood out from the crowd in her beautiful skirt and purple blouse -

Her skirt looks like a spring garden.

This next girl's dress has such cute cut-outs in the back -

And she is wearing cute shoes -

They look like they are Toms wedges.  My Toms shoes that I bought in Las Vegas this past spring are the most comfortable shoes I own.  However, I still don't think they are very attractive.  I continue my quest for the perfect cute and comfortable shoe in which I can walk for miles.  Has any road tested these wedges?


Miss Lori Akin said...

Yes, I have tested them...and not loving them for comfort. Yes, for style, No, for comfort. They are a little tight, which is what I was told to buy, since the canvas will stretch. Well, I am still waiting for that stretch. :(

Meredith M Howard said...

Lori - Thanks for the info. I guess I'll stick with the flat Toms.