Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Keep on dancing

Every time I take my daughters to Atlantic Station, my oldest says that the 50's era music they pipe through the loud speakers makes her feel like she's in a movie.  (It must be a musical.)  This past trip they couldn't stop dancing -

We danced over to the food trucks for our last hurrah of the summer.  They started their meal with handmade ice pops in some interesting flavors -

Then, I saw this girl walk by -

I love the simple black t-shirt and wide belt paired with this bright and graphic skirt from Talbots -

I didn't know Talbots could look so young and fresh.

This guy was standing across the street -

I was intrigued by his paisley jacket because of the unique fashion choice AND because it was 95 degrees that day.

The feminine gray dress with the bold lucite and gold necklace drew me to these girls - 

I forgot to ask her, but I think I've seen this dress at K-la.  (Update: Leah let me know that the dress is from a store in between BCBG and Arben B at Perimeter Mall.  I'll let you know if I figure out the name of it.  The necklace, however, is from K-la.)


And finally, this cute couple.  I took their picture because of the bright happy stripes on the girl.  But then I noticed that here is another guy carrying a nice large bag (see the other guy in yesterday's post) -

The heat is finally starting to break here in Atlanta.  It will get up to 90 degrees today, but it started out at 70 this morning - fabulous!  I can't wait to see the Fall fashion that is coming soon.

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Anonymous said...

Love the dancers....and the hair cut.