Thursday, August 4, 2011

Interesting sights

Today in Midtown Atlanta I saw a lot of cute outfits, but I was really intrigued by some other interesting pictures.  When I first turned onto 14th Street, in the middle of office buildings (no park around) I saw this guy running full speed down the sidewalk dribbling a basketball -

Then, I saw this man just sitting (nowhere near a construction site) wearing a hard hat covered in stickers -

I was also struck by the number of old houses (now commercial) in Midtown surrounded by skyscrapers -

I like this next image of a fashionable woman in the midst of construction chaos -

While taking style photos near the food trucks, I ran into Cameron of Atlanta Street Fashion again.  He wanted to make sure it was ok that he mentioned me in the Atlanta Intown paper (page 26).  Cameron, you can talk about my blog in whatever newspaper you want to.  Check it out online here.

Come back tomorrow to see some style photos.


Cameron Adams said...

Nice seeing you, too, Meredith. Loving this image of three elements: graphic, athlete and pop of yellow.

Clara Turbay said...

i like this blog great pictures!