Saturday, August 20, 2011

Looking for something to do

I was browsing the Internet this morning looking for something to do with my kids and came across the Piedmont Park Arts Festival.  So, instead of going to the gym, I decided to get my exercise at the Festival.  I'll give you the whole scoop on Monday, but I wanted to show you my favorite vendors in case you want to head over there (August 20 & 21).

Ashley Buchanan ( is selling hand-cut jewelry with a slightly antique feel -

I love all of it - especially the rings (above).  The jewelry is very intricate but also very light.  Looking at it now, I kind of wish I had bought something.  I may have to re-visit this jewelry on the website.

Cat Goolsby ( is selling hand made metal jewelry, and she also teaches classes on how to make it -

Kathryn Laibson ( makes cute and practical leather bags and accessories -

I had been looking for something like these small card holders to serve as a wallet.  However, I ended up making myself one just a week ago, because I couldn't find one in stores.  So, if you need a nice business card carrier or a small wallet, here you go -

My daughters' favorite booth was the Diva Signature Collection (  It is very whimsical, and I overheard someone describe it as a celebration of curves -

There were MANY vendors that I didn't even get a chance to see, because my daughters weren't as into the shopping as I was.  On Monday, I'll show you what they were into...

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