Monday, August 22, 2011

Piedmont Park Arts Festival

 On Saturday, I took my girls to the Piedmont Park Arts Festival.  I was looking for art, jewelry, and street style.  They were looking for food and fun.  Fortunately for them, the very first vendor was selling snow cones-

And what were they looking at in this picture?

So close... and yet so far.  I made them take the long way around through all of the art festival booths.  I showed you my favorite booths on Saturday.  There was some good shopping but also some good style. 

I really like this striped dress...and, of course, the hat as well.  Here's another cool hat paired with some stylish shoes -

This next dress has an interesting mod print -

This is also a cute print, and I like the wide brown belt paired with it -

I had to keep my kids well fed in order to keep walking, so the sugared up popcorn was our next stop - 

They drew me in with their sign - "Free samples!  Only $1.00." 

We finally made it to the kids area.  My girls spotted the train and made a run for it -

But the highlight of the trip was this - 

Lest you think our day was all jumping, food, and fun, this little jumper had a complete meltdown about 10 minutes after these pictures were taken.  It was blazing hot.  I don't think I have ever sweat so much in life.  I was wearing my fully lined striped skirt, which was cute but not very practical -

There was even some good midtown style in the kids area -

I'm looking forward to more festivals in Piedmont Park this Fall when the weather is cooler.

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Katie said...

I'm impressed that your daughter would do that jumping thing!