Saturday, June 4, 2011


My mom bought me this plant for my birthday -

I can't remember to water it.  (Sorry, Mom.)  However, there are some little birds that are glad that I'm not good with plants.  They are building a nest in it.  (This is in addition to the nest that was built on our gutter.)

Every Spring we watch birds build nests on the tops of our columns and on our gutters.  It drives my husband crazy, because they leave such a mess behind.  So, he ties plastic bags around the columns and gutters.  As you can see, they are determined to build a nest at our house.  They got creative and adapted to the challenges my husband set out for them. 

We also have a rabbit that lives in our yard -

He doesn't seem to be bothered by us.  I am amazed at how these animals just do what they need to do.  If we get in their way, they just get a little creative.  I could learn a lesson from their perseverance and adaptability.

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