Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 5

On Day 5, we woke up to pouring rain.  Initially, we were upset, but it was meant to be.  The rain forced us to travel outside of Stresa for the day.  So, we boarded another train along with some other like-minded travelers from our hotel -

Notice that this wife (above) and husband (below) from London are both wearing pants with elastic around the ankles -

I can't see this trend taking off for men in Atlanta.  But then again, we did have the rolled up jeans of the 80's. 

After a short train ride, we arrived in  -


My husband and I both agreed that Zurich is cool, Stresa is beautiful, but Milan is awe-inspiring.  The Duomo di Milano is the second largest Catholic cathedral in the world.  When we exited the Metro, this was the first thing we saw, and it took my breath away.

The entire historical section of Milan is magical -

I saw many fashionable and beautiful people just as I had hoped.  I like this woman's cropped navy suit with heels - 

Here are some nicely dressed Italian businessmen - 

...and some beautiful Italian women -

I love this blue skirt.

Nice blue heels!  Electric blue is in.

I loved seeing men in suits riding bikes -

And this man in the white suit looked at home in his elegant surroundings -

We couldn't leave Italy without a little tiramisu and espresso -

We also had to do a little shopping.  I met this girl in Aldo -  

I wanted to find out where she bought her shoes.  (They are Dolce Vita, and you can buy them at several places like Zappos or Lord and Taylor.)  I also adore her striped dress and heart sweater.  

The next cute couple spoke no English - 


It was the first time I've successfully gotten non-English speaking fashionistas to pose for a picture.  I love how Italian guys can pull of slightly feminine sweaters like this.  Her white boots with the big white belt look very 80's to me.  I thought the 80's would never come back, but they definitely did. 

I loved every minute of Milan and didn't want to leave. 

We had a fitting end to our day back in Stresa with an unexpected fireworks display right outside our hotel room -

Come back tomorrow to see the last day of our trip...

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Smith, Party of 5 said...

Amazing photos! I feel like I have been traveling with you. So I see that Italian men do not wear cuffs on their suit pants. You look gorgeous, love your skirt!



Anonymous said...

Fireworks! what a perfect ending for a beautiful day.