Monday, June 6, 2011

Another museum

I took my oldest daughter on a date to Fernbank Science Center.  This museum is trying to be the "Home of the Dinosaurs", so there are dinosaurs everywhere -

Both outside and inside -

The most fashionable person I saw at the museum was my daughter in her new ruffled dress and pink gladiator sandals from Lands End.  I wish I was a little shorter so I could borrow this outfit.

The museum has a new section for kids that includes an projected image of water on the floor that "ripples" when you step on it.  We were fascinated by it.

I also saw this cute girl chatting with her friends -

The gold sandals give an unexpected pop to the classic striped shirt and red purse.  

On the way home, I took a picture of this building that I often admire on Freedom Parkway.  It sits all by itself on this plot of land next to the highway and is completely covered in colorful graffiti -

Back through the city on our way home -  

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