Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 6

We finally got to enjoy breakfast on the veranda at our hotel (no rain!) -

We said goodbye to our friends at the Villa Aminta -

Mario (second from the right) helped us out one night when there was a party boat docked right in front of our hotel at 2:00 in the morning.  Greg had a few words with him, and Mario got on it. 

So, we took a taxi to board a train to Milan to get on another train to Zurich in order to catch a tram to our hotel.  (With the number of cars, trains, trams, and boats we took, our vacation often felt like the Amazing Race.  But by this point, we were used to it.)

At the Alstadt Hotel, each room features a particular author with excerpts of their work on the wall and copies of their books in the room.  Too bad I can't read Swiss-German.

  Our room had a staircase leading to a private roof top deck -

Our hotel was on a side street in Old Town with a little bar out front -

So, we set out from there to explore and to get my last fashion photos in Europe (for now).  I like this woman's hat and striped top -

...and this woman's striped top and booties -

...and this couple in green jeans -

...and more pants with elastic around the ankles -

With all of the fashion magazines telling us that wide legged trousers are "in", I was fascinated by the fact that I saw ZERO wide legged trousers in Europe.  Skinny jeans rule there (with elasticized ankle pants coming in second).  

I have to throw in a picture of these fabulous shutters -  

We bought a couple of small (but expensive) gifts at this shop -

We ended our evening with a great dinner at Noon, a Lebanese restaurant I had seen on a blog called

We said goodbye to Europe the next morning and flew home.  Thanks for letting me share our trip with you.  Blogging about it has allowed us to re-live it for a second week.

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Claudia Zander said...

amazing! I´ve also lodged once at the hotel Aminta
nice Photos
and nice Blog