Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 2

We slept until noon.  (If you missed Day 1, read that first so you might understand why.)  We walked to Starbucks to get a coffee and bagel.  I know we weren't "experiencing the culture" with Starbucks, but it was the cheapest coffee in the vicinity.  Zurich is by far the most expensive place I have ever been, so you have to save money when you can.

While I was drinking my coffee, I saw these two girls who are fairly representative of how girls dress in Zurich -

Almost every European I saw was wearing a scarf tied in the blousy way like the girl on the right.  Most of the girls were wearing skinny jeans or leggings.  Here is another girl in leggings -

Most of them were wearing boots, flats, or shoes like these -

Notice the price on the Keds are 89 francs.  That would be 105 dollars.  I'm guessing they only own one pair.  Many people wore bright tennis shoes like the girl on the left in the following picture -

Here's another girl with a scarf and notice the girl with red jeans up ahead -

I saw a lot of red jeans - on both girls and guys.  Here's another girl with a scarf.  This time paired with blue pants -

...and a guy with a scarf -

Here is another well dressed person on a bike -

...and some more (along with a guy with an orange mohawk) -

I have to include the cute older couple -

With all of the fashion photos, this is getting kind of long.  I will continue Day 2 tomorrow.  Auf wiedersehen!

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