Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Great prints at New York Fashion Week

I never used to wear prints.  Maybe I was stuck in 90's minimalism or maybe I just didn't know how to wear them.  Over the years, seeing the mish-mash of various prints assembled by bloggers and street style subjects has assured me that they aren't so scary.  So, now I love prints and think they might even be easier to wear than solids, because they speak for themselves.

Errrrk... (that was the sound of a car screaching to a halt).  Let's just stop here for a minute.  This flowery dress is so NOT me, but I really like the look.  Here is a great example of how styling an outfit matters.  The dress is very "Little House on the Prairie", and while I love the show, I don't want to look like I belong on it.  In order to move away from that reference point, she paired it with accessories that have very strong geometric lines.  So, the necklace really becomes the statement and the dress is just a supporting piece.  Ok, we can move on now.


Love these pants.  So much.  Wish I had them.

This is a great jacket, too.  I am very drawn to the fabrics with the water color and splatter-paint prints.  I am going to start working on my own splatter-paint print dress tomorrow (as well as splatter-paint t-shirts for my daughters and a friend).  I really want to try to make my own water color fabric.  I'm not really sure how that's done.  I have a lot of work to do...

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