Monday, September 10, 2012

Fashion Night Out

Last Thursday, my friend Elizabeth and I headed down to the Meatpacking District for Fashion Night Out. 

It is supposed to be a night during which everyone supports their local fashion retailers, but it seems to be a night when people fill the sidewalks and stores to enjoy free drinks, music, and gift bags. 

Celebrities, designers, and models show up at various sites around town to promote themselves and their products -

Erin Wasson - model

And people wear cute outfits to see and be seen.

I had to visit the Target pop-up shop.  New York doesn't have a permanent Target (one of the very few stores they don't have), so they just set one up during Fashion Week.  It was probably a good thing that it was so crowded that I couldn't even get close to the cute clothes that debuted this week, since I am still not buying any.  However, I did enjoy my free Coke.


Target was the only place where I saw people actually buying merchandise.  In other stores, I just saw a lot of looking and hanging out.  But overall, it was a nice shopping party.


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