Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fun outfits at New York Fashion Week

I made an effort this season to take less pictures of the outrageous and more pictures of beautiful outfits.  However, the whimsical clothes and accessories always make me smile.  So, I have to show you a few outfits that you would probably never wear but hopefully you can appreciate.

This is Jean and Valerie - the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas.  They are always wearing something interesting and fabulous that could be considered more art than fashion.  Time Out New York  published an interview with them detailing their fashion inspirations and favorite places to shop.  Here they are with Shail Upadhya, a former UN diplomat from Nepal -

He started designing these outrageous, one-of-a-kind suits as a creative outlet and directs their formation by tailors and artists in Bangkok and Manila.  According to the New Yorker, he was told by the UN that he had to choose between the clothes and the UN.  He eventually chose the clothes by taking early retirement.

To me, there was nobody else at Lincoln Center as entertaining as those three characters, but there were many others with their own special flair -

Come back soon.  I have much more to show you...


Bangkok Tailors said...

h, New York Fashion Week, we can always count on you to give us some seriously WTF outfits mixed in with all the gorgeous gowns and fabulous new trends.

custom tailor bangkok said...

Fashion is beautiful whether like looking above fashion and the only thing come out that is Woah!!

Fashion Galleria said...

New York Fashion Week let us know about the new trends and styles. It is incredible.