Monday, September 3, 2012

Geometric dress

I spent most of Saturday finishing this dress -

Since the print is so geometric, I wanted to do something geometric with it.  But I didn't know what.  I cut out a simple dress with a waistband and soon realized that I had cut the top too small and had run out of fabric.  I needed to add width down the sides.  I happened to have some left-over denim, so the design was forced upon me...and I love it -

In the end, I realized that it would have been much faster to wait on another shipment of fabric from to re-cut the top than to add stripes down the sides.  However, the design is much better this way.  I am trying to learn more sewing techniques, so I added a back vent (with the help of this tutorial) and sewed an invisible hem (based on this tutorial).  The vent looks difficult, but was actually really easy.  The invisible hem looks difficult, and is actually very difficult.  But the good thing about the invisible hem is that even your mistakes are invisible. 

I would like to make one more dress before I head off to New York, but my children need a little attention.  So, I think we are going to spend this Labor Day making fashion origami.  However, I am a little obsessed with this fabric (and did end up ordering more just as a back up plan in case the stripes didn't work out), so you may see it again.

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