Thursday, September 13, 2012

Famous people - Part 1

I saw a few famous people at New York Fashion Week.  As always, these people will only seem "famous" to you if you watch a lot of reality TV.  I will start with my favorite show ever (the one that inspired me to sew again) - Project Runway.

And my favorite of Project Runway is Jay McCarroll, who won the first season -

I loved his splatter paint pants, so I asked him if he bought them or made them.  He burst out laughing and said, "It would be so pretentious if I had bought them.  They are my work pants."  I don't know if "pretentious" is the right word to use in this situation, but I subsequently purchased some splatter paint material to make into a dress.

He also told me that he is coming out with a new sock line soon.  You can purchase them from his website here.

I have to follow that up with Kooan, who is always entertaining, and Nathan, who always looks dapper.  I really wanted to see more of them this season.  I was very glad that Kooan had the guts to show up even though he left the show.

They were hanging out with Laura from season 9 - 

Mila from season 7 and Josh from season 9 look both look great.  Mila is so tall and gorgeous -

And I love her earrings -

Nick Verreos always looks elegant and colorful -

Here is Michael Costello of Season 8 -

Then, Anthony Ryan and Josh of Season 9 -

And Olivier (I checked the spelling, because I know they pronounced it "Oliver" on the show) -

Along with the winner of Season 9, Anya -

Going back a little further, the winner of Season 2, Chloe -

And finally, one of my favorites (and the runner-up) of Season 5, Korto -

It is so fun to see all of the people who have inspired me to design my own clothes.  People always ask me if I would want to be on the show one day.  My answer is - absolutely not!  Let me tell you that the contestants on this show are super FAST.  This season (with two people dropping out) is a testament to how difficult it is to be creative and productive in that short amount of time.  My hat is off to all of them. 

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