Friday, September 14, 2012

Famous people - Part 2

These are some random famous people that you might actually know (or not).  Let's start with my favorites.  I was very surprised to see Carla Hall (formerly on "Top Chef" and now on "The Chew").  She is so nice and friendly and funny.

I noticed Emily Henderson's gorgeous vintage dress coming down the stairs and then realized who she is (winner of Season 5 of "Design Star" and host of "Secrets from a Stylist").  This dress is amazing.  And she is really nice, too.

Then, I stopped India from "Jane by Design".  I have to admit that I didn't recognize her.  (I don't watch any scripted TV).  I just really like her outfit. 

Then, I saw Nicky Hilton -

And on the other end of the spectrum, Mase the rapper - 

I will end with a stylist (whose name I can't remember - sorry!); however, I did watch her reality show when it was on.  I just think she looks so beautiful - 

I will show you some more beautiful clothes tomorrow...

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