Friday, August 3, 2012

Balance Friday - Permission to think small

As we wandered around Oregon, we started to notice the predominance of small businesses.  Oregon seems to really appreciate and support the "mom and pop" (or in their case the "edgy youngster") type store.  Food carts dot the sidewalks in Portland.  Independent bookstores thrive.  Small coffee houses appear every 200 feet on the road out to the coast. 

There was one small bookstore that we visited twice.  We were drawn in because they were always doing something slightly strange - but intriguing.  One day, the bookstore employees were grilling on the sidewalk -

One day, they had a shark art exhibit -

My girls enjoyed reading their comic books, which we don't see often -

As an American, I have been trained to dream big and be successful.  Since my children will both be in school full time this year (whoohoo!), I am inclined to fill my time with great plans for my blog and a new business.  But I kind of already enjoy my life how it is (and have enough activites to easily fill whatever extra time I will have).  Oregon reminded me that we don't all have to be the biggest, flashiest store on the block.  We can just do our thing, and it's ok if that is something small.

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