Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fashion Origami

My daughter and I are loving our new books.  Fashion Origami has been a great sick day distraction for her -

I would highly recommend it for any child interested in fashion.  It is a little challenging.  I have had to help her a little, but fortunately it is fun for me, too. 

And I am excited to get started on my people-sized fashion origami -

It is full of IDEAS, which I love.  The instructions are not extremely detailed, so it will be an exercise for my brain to fill in the gaps.  Already, it is encouraging me to stretch my boundaries in the construction of a "normal" dress, which is starting to feel like a geometry project.

Once I finish my geometric print dress I will tackle a geometric shaped top.  I think I will start with this one -


Katie said...

Awesome! I'll be getting that for my little fashionista for Christmas. Where did you get it?

Marianna said...

Hi Meredith

Glad you've been inspired to make something from Pattern Magic!

I too am about to embark on a PM project and have started a group sewing challenge to encourage others who are thinking about it to join me. The deadline is mid November. It would be lovely if you could join us! Details on

Best wishes!