Thursday, August 16, 2012

Portland architecture

In my series on Portland, I forgot to tell you about the church we attended.  We always try to go to church on Sunday when we are traveling, which garners us a lot of funny church stories - like trying to help a cabbie figure out how to get from the Las Vegas strip to a church and then after the service telling a nice little old woman that we don't need a ride because we are just going to walk the 2 miles back to Caesar's Palace.  Our church experience in Portland was actually the most normal we have ever had and was great on several levels.

First of all, we walked there from our hotel (and it wasn't 2 miles).  Second, the building is beautiful.  We found out that it was built in 1882 and is carpenter gothic architecture.

Intown Presbyterian Church

The building was saved from demolition in the 70's and is especially interesting in contrast to the surrounding modern buildings -

The service was as beautiful as the building is.  Even though the rest of my family thought the music was too melancholy, I thought it was complexly beautiful.  I wish I could have taken pictures of all the hipsters inside.  It would have made for an even more interesting scene. 

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