Monday, July 9, 2012

Gifts for the soul

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary.  I just realized (it takes me a while) that my husband always gives me something based on the "traditional anniversary gift" list.  Fortunately, the traditional gift for the 12th anniversary is silk.  So, he thoughtfully bought me a silk top.  (I bought him a croquet set.)

Rebecca Taylor blouse

Most of you know that I am not buying clothes for a year, so you can imagine how significant this gift was.  I was nervous to try it on.  It had to fit.  And it did.  Because I am becoming more resourceful, I immediately noticed that this blouse is "reversible" -

I like how this direction gives the blouse a feminine "moment" in the back -

Two other friends have given me clothes during this "shopping fast". Each time I am given something, I am reminded - "The Lord will provide".   He provides for my soul as much as he provides for my body.  God knows I don't need any more clothes, yet he gives me little gifts along the way.  And now as I am getting dressed, I am reminded of the people who care about me.


Anonymous said...

you look very pretty.

Katie said...

I would never want my husband to buy me clothes...too much can go wrong with that. Your hus did a great job though!