Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Balance

I have realized recently that my blog is helping me to find balance, but it probably isn't helping you to do so.  I have been considering a blogging "schedule" to add some structure to my posts and to guide you along, but I often don't know what is going to inspire me in any given week.  Then, I started thinking about my natural writing inclinations and realized I tend to re-evaluate my past week and plan my next on Fridays.  It is the day on which my pent up dreams and desires come out.  It's when I pay more attention to my family and friends.  I think Friday is when I naturally re-balance myself.  So, each Friday I will offer a tip or thought about balance. 

My balance thought for today is this -

What is the intrinsic value of what you spend most of your time doing?

This is a difficult for me, because what I am drawn to do may not be the most valuable thing in my life.  I am a task-oriented introvert, which means I love reading, thinking, and doing projects BY MYSELF.  But God has given me 2 little people to take care of (3 if you include my husband).  So, I have to constantly balance what feeds me (time alone) with what feeds them (time together). 

I can often justify what I am doing as - "I need time by myself".  But I have to push myself to determine whether it is valuable time by myself.  Am I making a dress, because I need to create and grow or because I need a pat on the back?  Am I spending hours reading blogs for inspiration or to "escape"?  Is watching this TV show helping me or should I really be sleeping? 

Now, I'm going to post this and get off the computer, because reading a book to my daughter is intrinsically more valuable than checking my email one more time.  (And Mondays will be about Fashion, because I don't want to be serious too many days in a row.)

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