Monday, July 30, 2012

Portland style

I love the style of Portland, Oregon.  It is very casual cool.  One person described it as "hipster".  It is a comfortable (yet put together) style of dressing. 


With all of the coolness that Portland has going on, I was a little apprehensive to approach people on the street.  However, everyone was very nice and seemed to enjoy talking about their city.  Jonathan (pictured above) described Portland as having a "small town vibe", which I thought was very fitting.

This trio (although not from Portland) show the more bohemian casual style that I also saw -

This girl looked ethereal walking down the street in her white lace dress.  I found out that she was on the way to her high school reunion.  I'm sure she made a great impression on her former classmates.


More style to come tomorrow...

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