Monday, July 16, 2012

Hanging out with Albert Einstein

There is no absolute time.  "There is no audible tick-tock everywhere in the world that can be considered as time."  Albert Einstein said that, and I've never heard that before. Why don't they start physics class out with that statement? It might grab some attention. I love ideas like that. I read it this weekend in a biography about Einstein and literally got chills. Ideas like that make my mind feel as big as the universe.  (I may give you more specifics regarding his theories later this week, but I'm trying to decide if that will interest you in the least bit.)

I think I would have enjoyed hanging out with Albert.  He was a thinker, but he wasn't a complicated mathematician.   He comically said, "Since the mathematicians have grabbed hold of the theory of relativity, I myself no longer understand it."  He liked to sort through ideas in pictures.  The biographer noted that he was able to hold two distinct ideas in his head to study their conflicts and "underlying unity". I can ponder both the theory of relativity and fashion at the same time. So, this is what I would wear if I were hanging out with Albert Einstein -

There is no absolute time

* The clocktower pictured above is my photo from Zurich, which is where Einstein received his education.  I feel a little connection.

Daytrip plaid shirt

Linen top

J.Crew wool pants
$110 -

High heels

Lipsy leather watch
$54 -

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